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All members share a common mission and values, as well as a drive to maximise their impact and an ambition to innovate and scale their work. Members are locally rooted and locally led, so their programmes combine deep contextual knowledge leading expertise and tools.

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Work with us to co-develop programmes in line with your organisational priorities and values that support young entrepreneurs locally

Significant donations are crucial to our work supporting underserved young entrepreneurs. By working together we can provide access to the support they need to start and grow their business, helping them to create jobs, build communities, transform lives and create lasting change.

If you are an individual philanthropist or looking to make a family donation, we would be delighted to discuss how your investment in our work could impact the lives of young entrepreneurs and their communities


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Natalie is a social entrepreneur and is a founding member of Community Circles, which receives its funding and support from various other corporate social initiatives and investments

Dr.Natalie Skeepers


Rochelle Adolph, Community Advisor